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Science and Hypothesis Testing

Grade Level: 6-8

Introduction: After reading background information on the cloud forest, perusing the panoramas, and watching video clips, students will compose a testable question that pertains to any aspect of the cloud forest.  Students will then propose a hypothesis and design an experiment that would help answer the question.  Students will work in pairs to discuss their questions, hypotheses, and experimental designs. [Note: This lesson is a sensible follow-up to The Tools and Techniques of Field Work lesson.]

Objectives: Students will be able to: (1) create a question that can be answered through a scientific investigation, (2) compose a hypothesis, (3) design a scientific investigation

National Science Standards: Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations (A); design and conduct a scientific investigation (A); recognize and analyze alternative explanations and predictions (A).

Time: 60 minutes (5 minutes for opening, 30 minutes for student handout, 20 minutes for peer conferencing, 5 minutes for closing)


Lesson Plan: PDF | DOC

Handout: PDF | DOC

Interesting Information: PDF | DOC

Peer Conference: PDF | DOC

Testable Questions: PDF | DOC

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