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Animal Diversity in the Cloud Forest

Grade Level: 6-8

Introduction: The tropical montane cloud forests of Monteverde are widely regarded as a biodiversity hotspot.  Students will gain a greater appreciation of this biodiversity by selecting a cloud forest animal and becoming the class expert on it.  Students will collaborate to create a cloud forest field guide and will share information with one another to learn about a wider variety of cloud forest animals.

Objectives: Students will be able to: (1) observe and describe animal diversity as it exists in the cloud forest, (2) gain expertise on one cloud forest animal.

National Science Standards: Regulation and behavior (C); populations and ecosystems (C); diversity and adaptations of organisms (C).

Time: 2 or 3 60-minute periods. Day 1: 60 minutes (5 minutes for Opening, 5 minutes for Step 1, 50 minutes for Step 2); Day 2 (optional): 60 minutes for Step 3; Day 3: 60 minutes (40 minutes for Step 4, 20 minutes for Step 5 and accompanying Animal Diversity Awards activity)


Lesson Plan: PDF | DOC

Worksheets: PDF | DOC

Assessment: PDF | DOC

Awards: PDF | DOC

Field Guide: PDF | DOC

Diversity Index: PDF | DOC

Research: PDF | DOC

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